Case Study - A recipient portal for invoices

We helped Keeros build an invoice recipient portal that makes it easy for recipients to receive and manage their invoices.

Web Development


The fintech company Keeros wanted help in building a recipient portal for invoices that makes it easy for recipients to receive and manage their invoices. The solution was a NextJS application that would collect and display invoice information in a user-friendly way.

The project began by identifying the most important parts of the invoice management that would be included in the application. This included showing outstanding amounts, invoice status and payment details. By choosing NextJS, a popular framework based on React, the team was able to build a smooth and responsive web application that responded to the company's needs.

The integration with the company's existing financial system was another important part of the project. This ensured that the information was consistent and up-to-date, reducing the risk of errors and misunderstandings.

The result was a success. The application launched without any major issues, and user feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The processes around invoice management became not only more efficient, but also more transparent, which led to better understanding and communication.

What we did

  • NextJS
  • TailwindCSS
  • Google Cloud

It was a lot of fun collaborating with Keeros. They had a clear vision for what they wanted to achieve, and we could help them make it happen.

Lucas Rosvall
Software Engineer

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