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At Fiive, the future is in our hands, and we are in search of talents passionate about AI and the technology of tomorrow. Our team is constantly working on exciting projects in AI and future technologies, creating groundbreaking solutions and driving development forward.

We take pride in our successes with tailor-made RAG and AI systems, as well as our expertise in full-stack development for web and mobile. In our versatile work environment, we welcome applications from innovative thinkers who wish to contribute their unique skills to our team.

Our culture - An atmosphere where technology meets passion and potential

We are more than just a team – we are a group driven by a common love for technology and innovation. Every project we deliver is a result of our persistent pursuit of the highest quality and excellence.

  • Cohesion. At Fiive, we are like one big family – without the awkward family dinners.
  • Balance. We mix work, ping pong, and disc golf so that sometimes it's forgotten what is what.
  • Innovation. We love exploring new technology, but making coffee is something robots shouldn't take over.
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Skills we are looking for

AI & Machine Learning
Frontend & Backend
Azure & DevOps

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Kortfattat kan man säga att MLOps är en disciplin som kombinerar maskininlärning (ML) med operations (Ops) med målet att förenkla och effektivisera användningen, samt implementeringen av AI-modeller.

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