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At the heart of Fiive, we are more than just a team – we are a group of passionate individuals whose combined expertise shapes the future of technology.

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Our Culture - An place where technology meets passion and potential

At Fiive, we are a group driven by a shared love of technology and innovation. Every project we deliver is a result of our relentless pursuit of the highest quality and excellence.

  • Coherence. At Fiive we are like one big family - without the awkward family dinners.
  • Balance. We mix work, table tennis and disc golf so that sometimes we forget what is what.
  • Innovation. We love exploring new technology, but we won't let AI take over coffee breaks.

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Dive into the latest trends and insights in technology and innovation – everything from cutting-edge AI to the cloud solutions of the future.

Data augmentation for NER using Back Translation

Delve into data augmentation techniques, including back translation, to enhance NER systems. Learn about the challenges and solutions associated with NER.

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Named Entity Recognition in Healthcare

Discover how BERT models are revolutionizing Named Entity Recognition in healthcare: Learn about their unique ability to understand context within text, enhancing accuracy in extracting critical information from patient records for better healthcare.

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